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Carel Huydecoper
Hi, I'm Carel Huydecoper, a Dutch Art Historian 
with a passion for talking about both history and 
art and the founder of the Stories of Art. 
"My field is the history of art, and in particular Iconology. This is, by the way, not the study of icons but has more to do with the psychology of perception and with symbolism in art. This field is very interesting while it is also completely useless. No one will ever shout: “quick we need an iconologist!” unless they are in one of Dan Brown's books.
What I like most about my field is that so much of it is made out of stories. These are the biographies of artists, their clients and of course their subjects. Art deals with issues that are important to us; life, death, love, loss to name but a few. Good art shows us ways of dealing with our world through the stories it portrays and the way it portrays them. 
It helps that many of these stories are entertaining, funny even. Through telling these stories I like to teach people a way to enjoy art. Ultimately I hope to use stories and art to help people look at their own world through new eyes."
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